Harden and Secure Your WordPress Website:

WordPress is such a common website building platform that it can be an easy target for the evil scum of the internet. This hardening guide is meant for the DIY WordPress’er for quick and easy ways to secure your site and reduce the risk of hacks, attacks, and other malicious betrayals of the digital sort.

#1 Hide the WordPress Login URL

The WordPress admin link, commonly found at /login or /wp-login.php on your website, is an easy target for would-be attackers. Since WordPress is so common throughout the web, this obvious entry point is the gap in your digital armour that needs to be patched immediately.

With the WPS Hide Login plugin by WPServeur, you can easily enter a customized word(s) to hide your login page to something that attackers wouldn’t guess (be careful not to chose a word that is an existing page on your website).

Total Time to Implement:

Less than 5 minutes, even if you’re slow!

WordPress Hide Login

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